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5 Times Mick Jagger Was Cooler Than You

Mick Jagger turns 73 today (July 26th), and for over 50 years, he's been the standard for all frontmen (and women) in rock.  Simply put:  The man oozes cool.  While it was painfully difficult to whittle down the list, here's five times Mick Jagger was cooler than you.

Are These The Greatest STAR TREK Ornaments Ever?

If there's a Trekkie on your holiday shopping list, we may have just found the perfect gift idea. How about one of these awesome "Star Trek" TV Series ornaments and collectibles from Hallmark? Over the weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego, Hallmark proved yet again that they are hipper than hip by making their U.S.S. EnterpriseTM Keepsake Ornament…

'Back In Black' and Other Diamond Albums

AC/DC's juggernaut album Back In Black was released 36 years ago today, and besides being the band's highest selling release, it's also one of a small group of albums that's been certified Diamond (10 million copies sold) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA.)  In fact, it's gone double Diamond with over 22 million copies sold,…