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WATCH: “Tom Brokaw” Pre-Tapes The News

Iconic newsman Tom Brokaw turns 76 today (February 6th.)  Anchoring the NBC Nightly News from 1982 to 2004, few journalists are as respected and trusted as Brokaw, and even fewer had such a glorious tone and delivery with which he gave the news.  Of course, when you reach the height of success and recognition of…

February 7, 1980: Pink Floyd begin ‘The Wall’ Tour

While Roger Waters successfully toured the iconic Pink Floyd ‘The Wall” album in 2010 and 2012, the original Wall tour was wrought with many challenges. February 7, 1980 marked the first night of Pink Floyd’s 31 date tour for ‘The Wall.’ The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Auditorium was the first stop of this larger than life tour, which featured extensive stage theatrics, large inflatable puppets, and of course, the construction of a massive wall across the stage.

Classic Rockers That Have Rocked Halftime

We all know the Big Game is this weekend as the Panthers take on the Broncos in San Francisco. There are three big components of the big game: the game itself, the commercials, and the halftime show. We've seen a handful of classic rockers rock the halftime shows and take a look back at their mega performances.

Big Game Commercials We'll Be Watching For

Commercial during the Big Game are always a reason to tune in. There are quite a few lined up this year that involve classic rockers. While we don't know what will happen during the game, we at least know what to watch for when the commercials are on.