Selecting Pneumatic Nailers

In this show The Handyguys discuss selecting pneumatic nailers also known as nail guns.

How do you select your first nailer? It depends on the task at hand. If you are finishing a basement then you may want to consider a kit that includes a framing nailer, finish nailer and maybe a brad nailer. If you are installing crown moulding then go with a 15g finish nailer. The bottom line, let your project dictate the nailer choice. The nailer choice will drive your air compressor choice (a future topic) -- selecting pneumatic nailers - Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

Watch the video to learn about selecting pneumatic nailers for your project. You can also listen to our older audio podcast on the subject of nailers here or watch a video of The Handyguys using a nail gun for target practice!

For more information on this tip, please read the original posting and review the list nailers available including a brief description of their purpose.

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