Happy Birthday, Tom Scholz!

You ask for the modern day version of Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci and one candidate you’ll get is Boston’s frontman, Tom Scholz. Today he is celebrating his birthday and has plenty to show for it!

Emerging from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with two engineering degrees, Scholz took a less calculated route that would eventually earn him place amongst the most revered rock stars in the industry.

After recording a series of demos in his basement, he landed a record deal with Epic and versions the demos eventually because 1976’s Boston; the biggest selling album by a debut artist at that time.

Besides being the heart and soul behind Boston, Scholz is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, innovator, vegetarian, pilot, and multi-instrumentalist. He has made many contributions to technology and music, and invented the “Rockman;” a headphone ampilifier that is still widely used by musicians today. Scholz also has his own high-tech music equipment company called Scholz Research and Development Inc.

Happily married to his wife, Kim, and living in the Boston suburbs, Scholz and Boston most recently released an album,Life, Love & Hope, last year. Since the untimely 2007 death of vocalist Brad Delp, Scholz has continued on with the band he and Delp made famous for more than one reason.

In a 2008 interview with ThirdStageScholz said of his charity DTS Charitable Foundation:

“It was set up as a vehicle for me to give my money away. The charitable foundation basically funds other charities that Brad and I were trying to support…I think that is one of the things that sort of kept us in tune over the years.”

Happy Birthday Tom! For more information on Tom Scholz and on Boston, head to the band’s official website.