Rockers, Engineers, Fans Talk With DeBella About Bowie

Tuesday January 10th's John DeBella Show was dedicated to the memory of David Bowie in honor of it being 1 year since his passing.  They talked with Joan Jett, Bowie guitarist - Carlos Alomar, Sigma Studios Owner - Joe Tarsia and one of the 'Sigma Kids' about their interactions with the Thin White Duke. 

John had the opportunity to talk to his old friend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Joan Jett about her experience with David Bowie. She talked about her personal experience with David, what playing a show where Bowie and Freddie Mercury were in the crowd felt like, and what Diamond Dogs meant to her (and even recited the intro)! Check her out...

We had the pleasure of talking with Sigma Sound studio musician turned longtime Bowie guitarist, Carlos Alomar! He told us all about recording the Young Americans album right here in Philly and how it launched an entire career on the road with the Thin White Duke.


Owner and engineer of Sigma Sound, Joe Tarsia talked to us about David Bowie's time here in Philly to record the Young Americans album. He talked about why he came here, how it played out, and even his inviting the "Sigma Kids" inside to hear the freshly mastered album! Another great contribution to our "Bowie Day" celebrating the icon's legacy.

Local woman Patti Brett, now the owner of the Philly bar Doobies, was one of the "Sigma Kids" who camped out by David Bowie's hotel and Sigma Sound recording studios when the Young Americans album was being created here in 1974. She had some fantastic stories to tell about David, which culminated in being invited into Sigma Sound by the icon himself to hear the final master of Young Americans before anyone else!