Married To Successful Beer Making - Kennett Brewing

This husband & wife team team believe that everyone deserves extraordinary beer, so they're bringing innovative interpretations on classic beer styles to the adventurous beer drinkers & musicians that pack their brew pub. At Kennett Brewing Company, everyone is a friend and part of the great beer experience.

You'll find Kennett Brewing Company

at our upcoming MGK Locals Only Beer Festival on April 21 at Independence Seaport Museum.  Tickets are on sale now and selling fast.

We'll be highlighting each brewery participating in our event on with our Locals Only Spotlight feature.  You'll get a feel for what drives them to make delicious craft beer and most importantly what tasty offerings they'll be serving up on April 21.

What They're Serving

Each brewer will serve up a Flagship beer (a beer they're well known for) & a Specialty/reserve beer.  Attendees will get to vote for their favorite beer in each category.

Flagship Beer Category - HEAD SKULL MIND BEER – ABV 7.2%

Named after our logo, the hop skull. Think of Vermont as a beer style. This Double IPA uses the Vermont (Conan) yeast, U.K. malts and four American and one U.K. hop variety, massively. Tons of light fruits, apple and peach drops, a bit zesty in the finish.

Specialty Beer Category - Kennett Pride - ABV 5.2%
What can be said of a beer so beery? Kennett Pride was truly developed “In the Woods by Men of Science” The malt, the hops, the water and the process all balanced on the fine edge of British and American brewing tradition. Ripe orange tannins, spicy hops, grainy drying on the finish. Awesomely drinkable!

The KBC Mission

Kennett Brewing Company believes that everyone deserves extraordinary beer. This philosophy and attitude stems from their founder’s personal journey in craft brewing.
Kennett Brewing Company has become a destination for adventurous beer drinkers and musicians. KBC believes in giving back to the community first and foremost. KBC has sponsored and hosted many fundraisers and events for local non-profits.

Unique Style Developed Over 12 Years

Mark dedicated over 12 years of research to develop his unique beer style. Through a combination of replicating traditional styles and creating innovative interpretations, KBC provides a flavor experience like no other. From traditional English styles to the groundbreaking innovations of America’s West Coast, customers get to enjoy the best of all worlds. At Kennett Brewing Company, everyone is a friend and part of the great beer experience.

Married To Making A Successful Brewery

The brewery is owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Mark is the head brewer and a mad scientist. Mark is fascinated and in love with all aspects of beer. The true benefit is tasting, gauging and then drinking the beer, strictly as a responsibility of the being the brewer. He’s always researching and developing recipes.

Jossy runs the day-to-day operations of the brewpub. She is also the events coordinator/booking agent for the ever changing music schedule. She is always thinking of the next exciting, unique event and planning events to better the community.