Meet The Teams & Children You're Helping - Baseball Equipment Drive

The mission of MGK & Xfinity's Baseball Equipment Drive is to give the 'gift of baseball' to children & leagues in our area who can't afford their own equipment.  Meet some of the teams we helped through last year's drive & see how bringing your gently used gear to one of our XFINITY store collection locations can change a child's life.
Participating in organized sports like baseball can provide so much more than exercise to children, especially kids growing up in economically challenged enviornments.  Sports introduces the concept of teamwork, teamwork fosters a sense of  inclusion (belonging to a group) and a dedication to trying your best for your teammates.  We're looking forward to making sure that our partners at Pitch In For Baseball can create many more stories like these with this year's drive. Find out where & how to drop off your gear before our March 30th deadline.

Daija, Julio DeBurgos
Daija, grade 7, had a chronic attendance problem. She often missed days of school at a time. It was not clear she would be able to move on to the 8th grade. When the season started, Daija was informed she would not be allowed to play on the team if she did not improve her attendance. Daija’s attendance improved dramatically. She went from missing school two to three times a week, to missing only one half day of school the entire two month season. She understood the importance of being there for her team and had found her own motivation to engage in the school community.

Roxborough High School
One 10th grader was in jeopardy of expulsion for academic and disciplinary reasons. Thanks to Pitch In For Baseball, we were able to add a softball team. Not having played before, she decided to go out for the softball team anyhow. The principal permitted her to play with the contingency that her grades not slip further and she worked on the disciplinary issues. During the season, she changed. She improved slightly on the field but enjoyed being part of a team. She worked on her grades so she could stay on the team. She improved so much that the coach submitted a request to the principal to reconsider expulsion. This request was granted and she came back for her Junior year.

John Seman, Atheltic Director for Eugenio de Hostos
The donation received made a tremendous difference at Hostos. This is my first year as their Athletic Director and there were no supplies to begin our season. I wasn’t sure we had enough safe, usable equipment to field teams. PIFB’s donation of gloves, bats, baseballs, catchers gear, etc. is vital as we have a limited amount of funds, most of which goes to transportation. PIFB's donations will continue to drive our baseball program and allow our students to learn the game while developing their skills.