Ray Koob's Down The Shore Reflections

Giving away a week at the MGK Beach House has Ray Koob reflecting on his favorite 'down the shore' places, memories and activities. 
My earliest Jersey Shore memory is going to Wildwood with my parents and grandparents after the big storm of 1962, but that was just the start of a lifelong love affair with "going down the shore".  Here are some of my favorite places, memories and activities.

It was Wildwood, and that mile long trek to the water's edge, that I remember the most as a kid. Plus The Boardwalk, and rides, of course!

As an adult, I've enjoyed just about every part of the South Jersey Shore with L.B.I. and Ventnor chief among them. Often my enjoyment of the Jersey Shore includes golf with my friends, especially the Livingstons at Atlantic City Country Club, one of America's finest courses!

But some of my best memories go back 20+ years to a number of years where my Mom rented a big house from our friends, the Caseys. By then, we all had kids, and we would all go down for part(s) of the time Mom had the place. For her part, Mom loved the beach, and seeing us all together. It was during one of those annual visits that this picture was taken in July of 1994.  My nephews Joe (l), and Trevor (c) help me to bury their cousin Matt (r) n the sand! Ultimately, the beauty of nature is a huge draw, but family and friends are what have always created Jersey Shore memories for me!