WATCH: Stones Make NYC Say 'What The Truck?!?'

On This Day in '75, The Rolling Stones set the standard for concert announcements in one of the most brazen & stunning media events of the decade.  See the video & hear the story behind it.

Rumors of a Rolling Stones tour were spreading throughout the year but there was no official word from the band for months.  Finally, the band informed the media that they woudl have a huge announcement on May 1 at a hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City.


As journalists filled up the hotel lobby, they began hearing screams and loud music.  When they looked at the windows and then walked out onto the street they were greeted by a chaotic situation.  The Rolling Stones were playing the song 'Brown Sugar' while standing on a flatbed truck.  The band was jamming, fans were chasing after them and screaming.

After their performance, Mick Jagger began throwing out flyers that had all of the band's North American tour dates on them.  Fans were desperate to grab the sheets of paper which became instant mementos proving that those that held them were there.

Here's how it looked and who in the band came up with this ground breaking idea.

Rolling Stones FLATBED TRUCK Brown Sugar 1975

Rolling Stones Brown Sugar Flatbed Truck Tour Announcement 1975