4 Brew Blast Beers We're Extra Excited About

We have a superb list of beers pouring at this MGK Brew Blast 2017, September 9 on Battleship New Jersey.  Here are a few beer brands that we are extra excited about and why we're so stoked.

Three 3's

Although they're a small brewery out of Hammonton, NJ, Three3's Brewing is making a name for themselves with their hazy New England style IPA's (Pulpitations IPA , Bugg Juice IPA) and their refreshing Saisons (Hibiscus Saison , Blackberry Saison).  When you have a brewery in such close proxmity to the event space, it's very likely that we'll be getting really fresh beer, beer made just a day or two before the event. That's a great thing when it comes to those New England Style IPA's.

Saint Benjamin

Kensington's Saint Benjamin Brewing are still riding high off of their excellent showing at MGK's Locals Only Beer Fest,  Philly Beer Week and their award winning appearance at Craig LaBan's  (of The Inquirer) Brewvitational.  Their Franklin Abbey Dubbel and Pilsner Prosim both took home awards. They're the only brewery in the history of the event to win 2 awards in the same event.  We're looking forward to seeing what they're pouring at MGK's Brew Blast.


Boulevard Brewing

Kansas City's Boulevard  Brewing have been in the craft beer game since 1989. That's a long time by today's standards where new breweries and tasting rooms are popping up every few months in Philadelphia and around the nation. Their owner, John McDonald, sold his home to pull together enough money to start his brewery.  Since then he's worked to make Boulevard the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. They're lauded for their Farmhouse Style Ales, Stouts, Belgian Style Ales and their Smokestack Series of beers.  We can't wait to see what they bring to their table at Brew Blast.


Maybe it's their proxmity to the Baseball Hall of Fame, maybe it's their awesome beer making skills, but Cooperstown's Brewery Ommegang are always hitting homeruns as far as we're concerned. They're Three Philosophers, Abbey Ale, Hennepin have been delighting beer geeks for years.  Their lastest offerings, especially their Games of Thrones beers and their limited edition beers are turning heads and tastebuds in the right direction.  We're sure their offerings at MGK's Brew Blast will reign supreme.