DeBella's Cash Makes Your Dreams Come True On Air

MGK hopes you got everything you wanted this holiday. If you didn’t, John DeBella could help.  It's John DeBella's Special After Christmas Special.  Tell John about the one gift you wanted but didn’t receive & he may choose to reward you with the gift you coveted. Details below. 
John starts choosing entries and announcing names on Monday, January 9th.

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What you win:

John DeBella may give you cash to pay for the gift you wanted this holiday season but didn't receive.

How to enter:

Email John at & tell him about the one gift you wanted but didn’t receive.
All entries must include:
--First and Last Name
--Your Hometown,
--Your Date of Birth,
--The gift you wanted & the dollar amount that gift costs

Starting January 9th and each weekday mornings at 730a, John will select an entry and you’ll have 10 minutes to call 215-263-WMGK (9645) & have your wish granted, meaning John will pay all or part of the dollar value of the gift you mentioned in your online entry.

If the person who's name is announced doesn't call back in 10 minutes, John opens the phone lines & let’s a selection of listeners call-in & tell him about the gift wish they’d like to have fulfilled.  John will choose one of those listeners to reward with all or part of the money needed to purchase that gift.

Per MGK's prize policy, the station does not mail out prizes.

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