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The MGK DJs want to share personal stories with you in a new & unique way – via on-demand audio.

Our tales will range from our crazy encounters with rock stars, why we became DJs, why we love music & more.

We’ll transport you to a new world using special audio effects to ensure you hear the sounds & feel the vibes going on in each story.

We’re calling it MGK’s On The Record. We’ll release a new podcast each Saturday & it will be on our website, whenever you want to listen to it. It’s like pulling up a bar stool and having one of us tell you a story at a time when it’s convenient to YOU.

Tell us what you'd like our DJs to share with you.

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How Andre Gardner became Punk Rocker Mo Hawk

Andre Gardner tells the tell of how he became Punk Rock Morning Man, Mo Hawk at an experimental radio station in Philly. He also interviews his former co-worker, Mel Toxic about their times at the station. (more…) The post How Andre Gardner became Punk Rocker Mo Hawk appeared first on 102.9 WMGK.

Debbi Calton's Emotional Look Back On 2017

Debbi Calton looks back on the most emotional music related moments of 2017.  She delves into how she dealt with the passing of Tom Petty, Gregg Allman and Walter Becker as well as some of her favorite live concert moments of the year.  (more…) The post Debbi Calton's Emotional Look Back On 2017 appeared first…

Radio DJs From Competiting Stations Bond During Blizzard

Andre Gardner and former Philly Radio DJ, John Roberts, discuss the legendary Blizzard of '83 when all of the Philadelphia radio stations' DJs were snowed in together, staying at the same hotel, for a few days during this legendary storm. Their time together started what became a decades long friendship. (more…) The post Radio DJs…