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Hey Hey They're The Monkees!

Yes, we all miss Davy Jones but Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork are still in the game with a brand new album. The Monkees 50th Anniversary GOOD TIMES tour comes to the Keswick Theatre this Memorial Day weekend (Saturday) with a blend of old and new. Read my Main Line Today StageSide blog to find…

John Elder Robison on Autism and his new book SWITCHED ON

John Elder Robison's life has been quite a journey. If you've read his autobiography LOOK ME IN THE EYE or  his brother Augusten Burroughs' book RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, you're aware that it was not an easy childhood, to say the least. With savant characteristics and capabilities and an inborn genius that afforded him the chance…
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Debbi Calton's Connect 3

Each weekday at 10am, it's Debbi Calton’s Connect 3. Debbi will play you 3 songs centered around a common theme & give you the chance to guess what that theme is to win a prize. Here's how it works..... After Debbi's played the second song and while she's introducing the third song, she'll ask you to call…


Eric Bazilian & his Cavalcade of Stars at Sellersville Theatre

We have loved Eric Bazilian for decades as a frontman and guitarist for The Hooters. He's still doing that but he's also involved in another fun musical project that brings him and others to the Sellersville Theatre this Saturday night. Listen to my chat with "EBaz" and please support local music!!! (by the way, the picture…
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THE WEIGHT (music of The Band) comes to Ardmore Music Hall

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Weider, who joined The Band as lead guitarist, singer and songwriter after the departure of Robbie Robertson. He heads up THE WEIGHT which is dedicated to preserving and presenting the music of The Band. All the members of THE WEIGHT bring authenticity to this project as they…
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