The Daily Podcast (10/23)

We returned from a rather busy weekend and dealt with all sorts of topics today including Dave's baptism, Law & Order: Special Walmart Unit, surprising a kid who lost everything in the Santa Rosa fires, settling our bass player for the Mt. Rushmore of Classic Rock and thinning the herd of human stupidity. Enjoy!
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'Santa Rosa Fire Kid' Loren Smith Podcast

After reading about the devastation caused by the Santa Rosa fires in California, one story caught our attention in particular. It involved 9 year old Loren Smith, whose entire Oakland A's baseball card collection/ memorabilia was burnt up by the blaze. So John had Steve track him down, and today we surprised him with a…
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Richard Lewis Podcast

He was dressed like Neo from The Matrix and seeing as you can't spell Neurotic without "Neo," we suppose it's appropriate. Comedy legend Richard Lewis was in-studio today! He talked about still touring at 70 years old and the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm/ his longstanding friendship with Larry David. Go see him at…
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Spread Master Mayes Podcast

There's a big NFC East showdown happening in our backyard on Monday night! The "Spread Master," Harry Mayes was on this morning to let us know exactly what to expect in prime time, as our beloved Birds take on the Skins. He also broke down his "Game of the Week" and "Lock of the Week,"…
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MGK's John DeBella Turkey Drop 2017

The Annual John DeBella Turkey Drop is the largest one day food gathering event in Philadelphia. John and the MGK air staff spread out around the tri-state area on November 21 (6a-9a) collecting turkey & monetary donations for Cityteam Philadelphia, an organization that provides holiday meals to less fortunate families in the Philadelphia region.

The Daily Podcast (10/19)

We spent today's show learning how terrified some Redskins players are of Monday Night's game in Philly, how Halloween may be banned soon, which rock star is a dad again at 68 years old, and which comedian finally finished a movie he told us about half a decade ago (bout time, Christopher Titus!).
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