The Daily Podcast (02/22)

Today's "Comedy Spotlight" featured Frank Caliendo doing a Pacino impression, which launched off a topic that carried through the entire show: what movies do you quote that you have never seen?! We also celebrated the anniversary of Hotel California and learned why Millennials are showering with oranges- enjoy!
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Comedian Mark Normand Podcast

Comedian Mark Normand joined us for the first time ever in-studio today! The massive (and only) snowstorm last year prevented him from visiting before, but he still enjoyed his time in Philly thanks to Tinder. If you wanna see him in person, he'll be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, check him out!
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Friday (02/17) on The John DeBella Show

At 6:25 - "The Classic Rock Riddle" for tickets to see Ann Wilson of Heart At 7:40 - A very special phone call At 8:10 - Comedian Mark Normand will be in-studio and at 8:35 - "Concert Ticket Price Is Right" for Jack Frost passes for Jamaican John Sledding