Musicologist Chris Epting Podcast

He's one of our favorite recurring guests and musicologist Chris Epting was back at it this morning, blowing our minds with his classic rock knowledge! Today he broke down The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight" and the contributions Bob Seger made to the song (and Glenn Frey's career in general). Listen!
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Is This Philly's Best Cheesesteak?

Bon Appetit made a great video recently wherein their food critic visited 16 of the most revered cheesesteak joints in Philly and broke down the best.   Do you think this video review got it right, and what cheesesteak shops did they neglect?? 

Comedian Kathleen Madigan Podcast

Comedian Kathleen Madigan is headed to the Keswick Theatre this Saturday but she called us up this morning!  She told us about the latest trevails of her parents, how her holidays were spent with Lewis Black, and why she absolutely does not want Oprah as President. Check her out!
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The Daily Podcast (01/15)

We returned to the airwaves this morning still deliriously happy from the big Eagles playoff win over the weekend! So of course we talked the Birds, but also cow (bells), cat (smugglers), and Hooters. Billy Joel brought out some original members of a classic rock band that surprised us, and speaking of classic rockers, Paul…
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Paul Rodgers Podcast

He's performing at the new Xcite Center at PARX Casino this weekend and he joined us this morning."The Voice" of Free, Bad Company and more, Paul Rodgers called us up! He talked about playing in The Firm, and the glorious 80s nature of "Radioactive." Paul's wife Cynthia even made a cameo in this interview, and…
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Could the Next Big Fashion Trend Be Skirts For Men?

The only thing surprising about this potential fashion trend is that it took SO long to happen. Apparently, the hot trend at several fashion shows around the world is . . . SKIRTS FOR MEN.  A bunch of top designers have made different men's skirts, ranging from short, tight ones to ruffled, ankle-length ones.