Comedian Carlos Mencia Podcast

After a decade's worth of interviews, he FINALLY came in-studio... comedian Carlos Mencia was here this morning! He talked about his food preferences, why he's sick of everybody complaining, having an 11 year old and an 11 month old, and how as 1 of 18 kids he finally made it in comedy but it's still…

The Daily Podcast (05/16)

We survived the wild thunderstorm last night and were in this morning, talking about the latest internet debate, reminiscent of "the dress." We also heard about a woman whose pet wasn't the species she thought it was, and a cannibal cookout. Plus, we spun the wheel for "Long Song Wednesday" and welcomed Philly legend John…

John Oates Podcast

Today we talked to one half of Hall & Oates... John Oates was on with us! He told us about their now annual Hoagie Nation concert, which is coming up on memorial Day weekend. John also told us what he misses most about Philly, the strange backstory to Fall In Philadelphia, and how he originally met…

The Daily Podcast (05/15)

This morning we took a listener poll to gauge interest in the approaching royal wedding. Then we hit the phones to hear the craziest thing you've witnessed at one! We also had yet another stupid fashion break, teased "Long Song Wednesday" for tomorrow, and dove down the rabbit hole of classic rock conspiracies...

The Daily Podcast (05/11)

Happy Friday! Today we found out what your mom's disciplinary weapon of choice was, talked to the listener whose "extreme jeans" fashion photo went internationally viral off our facebook page this week, welcomed comedian Joe Matarese to the studio and finished "Dave's Beat Down" in thrilling fashion!

Comedian Joe Matarese Podcast

Philly native and comedian Joe Matarese was in-studio this morning! He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, and still working on some of his bits for the show (spoiler alert). He told us about traveling to Philly for the Super Bowl, tearing up at unexpected things (like Wonderful Tonight) and his brainstorming for Rocky-themed comedy.…

The Daily Podcast (05/10)

The Sixers may have lost last night, but we still had something to make fun of Boston over this morning. We hit the phones to hear the advice mom gave you that you did or did not heed. Insult comic Lisa Lampanelli joined us, and Dave continued his crazy streak in "Dave's Beat Down!"

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Podcast

This morning comedian Lisa Lampanelli was back to offend everything and everyone! She told us about her 5 year celibacy and mocked the President, the White House Correspondents Dinner and the lesbian actress running for New York governor. She's coming to the Sands up in Bethlehem, check her out!

The Daily Podcast (05/09)

Happy "Long Song Wednesday" everybody! We debuted our shiny new wheel for it in-studio today and ended up with one of the longest songs in our playlist. John announced a cool benefit for local veterans, Steve quizzed us on strange words, and the new Rocky movie has a cameo from two old, surprising stars of…