The Daily Podcast (05/29)

We were back after a lovely Memorial Day weekend and heard about a rather patriotic sports crowd, mused over Star Wars fatigue, made fun of a shirt-on-shirt crime in the fashion world, thinned the herd and chatted about The Who with musicologist Chris Epting. Listen! 

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco Podcast

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is emabarrassed by a lot of things but apparently not still doing morning radio, despite selling out residencies at casinos and playing arenas these days! He joined us today and shared his exasperation over kids birthday parties these days, then we threw certain social situations at him and he told us what…

Comedian Jake Mattera Podcast

Philly comic Jake Mattera was back this morning after a whirlwind tour of Boston over the weekend! He told us about his big upcoming show at Good Good Comedy, a new venue in Chinatown. Lately he's been losing the battle against his microwave, he recently experienced a strange road rage incident, and had an extremely…

The Daily Podcast (05/23)

"Long Song Wednesday" is upon us! We spun the wheel once again to determine your extended play of the day. We also heard about a gun in the oven, a graduation cake that went viral, a strange sound that baffled Cindy but not our audience, and we shared the best "shower thoughts" we rounded up!

The Daily Podcast (05/21)

We were back after a weekend packed with royal wedding coverage, so of course we reacted to that. We also heard about Sharon Osbourne losing her passport, the new teenage obsession, mixing hard drugs with cheese, and since it's Monday we of course thinned the herd. Listen!

The Daily Podcast (05/18)

Happy royal wedding weekend, everybody! Today we quizzed the audience on products that may or may not exist to celebrate it, one product that definitiely does exist that will excite stoners, and comedian Gary Owen was in-studio and even shared his thoughts on the event. We also polled the audience on pizza vs. burgers, and…