The Daily Podcast (01/31)

We're halfway through Super Bowl week and doing everything we can to keep you entertained on this long march to the big game! Today we talked about our plans for Sunday should they win, the kinds of foods and things we still need to wrangle up, and then we switched things up by sharing "Shower…
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Comedian Bob Marley Podcast

It's January, so you know Bob Marley is gonna be on the show at some point, and today was the day! Unfortunately the New Englander is scared of being around Eagles fans approaching the big game on Sunday (ok, not entirely because he's playing Helium tomorrow night). He was hilarious as always, and as always,…
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The Daily Podcast (01/29)

We kicked off what could very easily be the longest week of the year today, by discovering slow tv, along with tacros and other hybrid foods! We're sill giving out Amazon Echo devices, we heard The Power of Doug (Pederson), Jim Gaffigan at The Grammys and thinned the herd of course! Listen, or else...
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Comedian Michael Brooks Podcast

Local comedian Michael Brooks won our Comedy Competition in 2014, and returned today ahead of his comedy special that he's recording live on Saturday night at the Grape Room in Manayunk! Today he told us about his strange living situation, being married 10 years, and awkward questions from his daughter. Get tickets to his special…
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The Daily Podcast (01/24)

Happy National Peanut Butter Day, friends! We discovered what kind you prefer today. We also discovered a disturbing turn of events for the guy who once played Barney the children's dinosaur. As for the "Big Game" next week, we announced the return of a contest for it and heard from comedian/ Jets fan Adam Ferrara…
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Comedian Adam Ferrara Podcast

Comedian Adam Ferrara is a Jets fan from Long Island, but seeing as he suffers abuse from the New England Patriots twice a year... he's now an honorary Eagles fan. He called us up today to congratulate us on our Super Bowl birth and offer tips and tricks to defeat the Evil Empire that is…
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