5 Stellar John Bonham Drum Moments

Today (May 31) would’ve been John Bonham’s 69th birthday.  As one of the best drummers in rock history (some would argue the best), it's difficult to narrow down the breadth of his career to just five moments, but after heavy soul-searching, here's five of our favorite moments, from solos to intros and everywhere in between.  

Will Zeppelin Reunite?

That Led Zeppelin reunion has reared its head again BIG TIME. There are sources that say Led Zep has agreed to perform at Desert Trip 2017. There are other sources that say there is no agreement in place.

Led Zeppelin Amps Up New Thor Movie Trailer

Music is an extremely powerful tool, especially when used effectively in movie trailers. Watch Marvel harness the energy of Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' as it propels the trailer for the new Thor Ragnorak movie trailer. Intense!