Apr 21

MGK's Locals Only Beer Fest 2018

1:00 pm, Independence Seaport Museum, $45

MGK & Independence Seaport Museum bring 25 of the area's finest breweries into one place to celebrate the tremendous bounty of awesome brew being made in and around Philadelphia.  It's MGK's Locals Only Beer Fest.

Broken Goblet Is Changing Perspectives On Microbrewing

You know you love something when you're faced with serious hardships & you keep on going.  The hardships that faced Broken Goblet didn't make them bitter, it made the professional musicians that run it, more charitable, fun, inclusive & customer focused.  Find out how they came to be known for great beer, awesome live bands…

Grow The Barley, Brew The Beer & Save The Farm

The story of how Great Barn Brewery came to be is inspiring. The Ferguson family saved their farm from being developed by converting it into the first farm microbrewery in Bucks County, PA.  You’ll be beaming with PA pride when you hear their story & find out what 100% PA ales they’ll be pouring at…