Remembering T-Bone Wolk

It is with a heavy heart that I report Tom “T-Bone” Wolk — best known for being the long-time bassist for Hall & Oates and, for many years, a member of the Saturday Night Live band alongside guitarist/bandleader G.E. Smith — died of a heart attack on Saturday. In addition to his work with H&O, Wolk — an in-demand producer and multi-instrumentalist — collaborated with the likes of Carly Simon, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, and dozens of others during his career.  I was lucky enough to know T-Bone, and aside from being such a talented artist, he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.  This is truly a loss to the music world.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fans.

This morning, Daryl Hall and John Oates issued the following statements:

Daryl Hall: To say that I am shocked is the ultimate understatement. T-Bone was my musical brother and losing him is like losing my right hand. It’s not if I will go on, but how. T-Bone was one of the most sensitive and good human beings that I have ever known. And, I can truly say that I loved him.

John Oates: His character was pure and his unique and quirky personality touched everyone he encountered. His musical sensibility was peerless, any instrument that he touched resonated with a sensitivity and skill level that I have never experienced while playing with any other musician. He possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of styles and musical history which he referenced to support all the artists that he played with over the years. He became our band’s musical director over time leading by example and by the deference and respect that everyone who played alongside him so rightfully accorded him. He made everyone he played with better. So many times when I’m working on a musical passage or part, I think to myself: “How would T-Bone play this” and aspire to his level every time I perform. To this day I always keep one of his “I Love Vermont” guitar picks with me where ever I go and know in my heart that starting today the Heavenly Band just got one of the greatest multi-instrumentalist of all time and that band will from this day forward sound better than they ever have before.