Founding Supertramp member, Roger Hodgson has demanded that the band not perform any of his songs on the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary tour.

Due to the fact that Rick Davies, the other founding member of the band, hasn’t asked him to be part of this tour, Hodgson has issued the following statement:

“Since this is the first time we are touring simultaneously since we split up 27 years ago, I expect Rick to honor the agreement he and I made that the band would not play my songs.

“Since the current Supertramp is a vehicle for Rick’s music, which is very different from my style and songs, it’s important for Supertramp to stay true to Rick’s style and songs and avoid doing covers of my songs.

“Rick and I both knew that doing that would help create a clear delineation between Supertramp and Roger Hodgson when we agreed to part ways.”

In my opinion, the real result that fans would like to see (if any) is these two kissing and making up for the sake of the band's music. Ironically, the fans of Supertramp specifically asked the band NOT to do a reunion tour less than 2 years ago, on a fan site. Probably because they know that half a Tramp is not as good as the full monty!