Roger Hodgson At The Borgata September 30

Isn't it amazing how Supertramp's music still sounds so fresh after all these years?  Every time I hear one of WMGK’s DJs play “Give a Little Bit,” “The Logical Song," "Take the Long way Home" or “Breakfast in America,” I still turn it up.

Once upon a time, I had a little picnic with the lead singer of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, when I was a young DJ starting out in Allentown, and he was a promising musician with an English accent that wrote good songs.

After lunch we stopped at the local laundromat because in those days, when a young band is touring, (and handing out tickets to try and get people in to see them), somebody has to wash the clothes.  Talk about “dirty laundry!”

Having sold over 60 million albums and counting, I’m sure Roger has someone else taking care of those details now. 

We’re both all grown up but still involved in our respective vocations. He left Supertramp in 1983 and has released some solo albums, a live DVD, toured with Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band in 2001, and played the Keswick in 1998, among other things.

But mostly, Roger has been focusing on his family, and doesn't tour that often. Apparently he has some 60 songs he's written, too, but not recorded.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again after all these years when he performs at the Borgata in Atlantic City on September 30th.

It’s a rare opportunity to see Rodger Hodgson and experience those wonderful songs live. This is your chance.  Some tickets still remain at comcasttix.

photo credit: Rob Shananan