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Happy Birthday Rod Stewart

Saturday, January 10 is Rod Stewart's birthday and I'm excited to be on the air between 3pm-7pm to play some of his music and share a story or two about him.

He’s somebody that’s been a part of my rock ‘n roll upbringing. I first heard his gravelly voice on the Jeff Beck album TRUTH.

From “Shapes of Things,” a Yardbirds song that Jeff Beck recorded while in that band,  to “Let me Love you” (Let me love you baby, you’re driving my poor heart crazy!) and finally, to “I Ain’t Superstitious” (Dogs begin to bark all over my neighborhood!) this was an album to be listened to through and through. And I did.

What a pairing it made - that totally cool guitar playing by Jeff Beck and Rod’s sexy voice. Did they “Rock my Plimsoul”  ---- oh yeah!

This album also introduced me to Ronnie Wood, who had spiky hair like Rod, and was his constant companion on the album that followed for me, The Rod Stewart Album and then Ooh La La.  By this time, I had a bonafide crush on Rod Stewart.

On the first album he has a song called “Cindy’s Lament,” and on Ooh La La, another Cindy mention on “Cindy Incidentally.” I haven’t had the chance to ask him who this Cindy person was that he wrote and sang about, but when I met him, and told him what my name was, I said “It’s Cyndy - incidently.” And he said, “Oh you liked that one, did ya!”

I met Rod during the Do you think I’m Sexy Tour in 1979 backstage at the Spectrum. It was my first television interview for KYW-TV – Eyewitness News as their Rock Reporter. I had to share him with some other TV station’s reporters, and we each had a chance to ask one question. I’ve posted the TV report as it aired on Eyewitness News on my youtube channel Classic Rock ArchiveHere’s the direct link.

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