SNL 40th - Ten Observations

Anybody who is reading this or listens to WMGK has watched Saturday Night Live at some point in its 40 years of being on NBC-TV.

It’s our show. It’s our generation. It’s our people. So when I heard about the 40th anniversary special that was airing (last night) I was not only psyched but interested to see how it would be presented.

It was a reunion for the players and a reunion for us. Here’s my list of top ten observations about the 40th anniversary show.

  1. Like every SNL show, there were some hits and some misses
  2. Like at any reunion, I didn’t remember everyone’s name (Joe Piscopo, Norm McDonald, and more)
  3. The original players have aged accordingly (Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, etc)
  4. Like most SNL shows, the musical act is timely as in Kanye West after the recent Grammy nonsense he pulled
  5. Not everybody was there. Julia Louis Dreyfus, for example
  6. It was a much deserved tribute to Lorne Michaels
  7. OMG moments (McCartney playing “Maybe I’m Amazed” and being intro’d by Keith Richards; Bradley Cooper making out with Betty White)
  8. Some of the commercials seemed to be made for the show (Android, Reebok)
  9. Fun that it aired the week between the Grammys and the Oscars
  10. One-time-only show with an enormous amount of celebrities