I Don't Get G.o.T.

Dude, I have no idea what I've been watching for the past five seasons but I can't stop watching it.

Game of Thrones is a show of fantasy with characters whose names I still don't know for the most part. I don't know where anyone lives or how they are in relation to each other. But I do know they are all related. I think.

I haven't read the books. But I've sat on them to make me taller. Half­kidding. It's amazingly filmed and the settings are stunning and it follows the classic cable subscription formula; skin, sex, and violence set in a medievalish world of kings and queens and guillotines.

Thankfully, if you watch it on demand you get an inside look at the episode where the directors and writers explain what just happened. I'm still confused... but I'll keep watching. Plus that tomboy chick with the short hair is starting to grow up, if you know what I mean.