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Neal Schon on Steve Perry Singing With Journey Again: “Door Has Always Been Open”

Well, this only fans the flames of hope for Journey fans everywhere.

In a recent interview with ABC News Radio, Neal Schon said that “The door has always been open” on Steve Perry coming back to perform with the band, even though Perry has said for the past 17 years since he’s left Journey that no such reunion will ever happen.

Perry famously returned to the stage in May 2014 as a surprise guest during an Eels show in St. Paul, Minn., which was the singer’s first live performance in 19 years.  (Check out video below!)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that current lead singer Arnel Pineda would be kicked to the curb.  Schon clarified his statement with, "[We] are always like, 'You ever want to come on and just sing a portion of one song, sing a part of a song with Arnel or sing the whole set, you're welcome anytime you want to come.  [Arnel is] not threatened.  Nobody's on any ego trip.  We don't have any bad feelings."

It’s difficult to believe that Perry won’t ever sing with Journey again.  Even if it’s just a one-off performance, fans would go absolutely crazy!  What singer could really not want to make a crowd go wild just one last time?


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