Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Parrotheads Cause Big Stink After Leaving Makeshift Toilets At Buffet Concert

Attention Parrotheads:  Clean up your sh*t after a Jimmy Buffet concert…literally.

While it’s not uncommon for bottles and other trash to be left in parking lots after a concert tailgate, a recent Buffet concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts had leftover waste of the worst kind when seven to 10 makeshift toilets were left for staff at the Xfinity Center to clean up, according to local news outlet The Sun Chronicle.

According to Lt. Sam Thompson of the Mansfield Police Department, around 75 to 100 people were instructed to take down the pop-up johns, which commonly consist of a large pool noodle-lined bucket in a tent, and said, “They’re known as a party crowd, and I guess they don’t want to wait in line.”  Police Chief Ronald Sellon also noted that Parrotheads have been the “one primary offender” of such a practice.

Moral of the story?  Think about the poor soul who has to clean up that mess, because they likely don’t get paid enough or have the proper equipment to do so.




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