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Ace Frehley Talks New Covers Album

Ace Frehley has touring since the release of his 2014 album Space Invader, and at the same time, he’s also been working on a follow-up covers album.

Frehley recently spoke to WDHA’s Terrie Carr and offered up some details on one very special guest appearing on the yet-to-be-titled release:

“I had Slash in the studio last month.  I tracked a Thin Lizzy song, and me and Slash ended up trading off [solos.]  We ended up doing the song “Emerald” [from 1976’s ‘Jailbreak.’]  We ended up doubling the length of the solos so that me and him could trade off doing eight or nine times, and it just turned out great.  Originally, I had done some solo work in my studio in San Diego, and then I brought the hard drives up to L.A. and got Slash in the studio and said, ‘Why don’t you try filling in the holes Slash?’  After about 10 minutes, he goes, ‘Instead of doing this, why don’t we just do it live?’ So, we both plugged into Marshall amps and we just did it right off the cuff, and it turned out so much better than it would have been.”


As for what else fans can expect to hear, Frehley kept song titles under wraps but did divulge what artists will be covered:

“I think about who influenced me when I was growing up in my teens.  You got [Jimi] Hendrix…You got The Who…You got Cream…The Rolling Stones.  So, you know, I did a song from each of them.  I’m doing a song by The Kinks.  There’s a couple of other surprises that I can’t talk about.  The record company asked me not to [laughs.]  But I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised with the choice of track, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.”


Frehley will be appearing next at the All Things Rock Festival in Oaks, Pa. on October 3-4 followed by appearance at the Chiller Theatre Expo October 23-25 in Parsippany, N.J.





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