Photo by Frank Michelotta/Getty Images

4 Reasons To Celebrate Little Steven

Oh Little Steven, you have brought so much joy over these past 64 years.

Whether you're creating some of the most iconic music on the planet to fighting against injustice at home and around the world and delighting viewers on award winning projects like the Sopranos, you are the living embodiment of cool.

That's why it's our honor to salute you and all of your accomplishments today, your special day, your birthday.

These are our top 4 reasons we're celebrating you on your birthday.

1. The Fighter

Little Steven joined forces with other musicians in the '80s to fight apartheid by forming Artists United Against Apartheid.  The mega talented and powerful group went on to record an album that brought awareness of struggles facing so many in South Africa to millions around the world.

2. He's Ready To Give Your Band Advice

You have to love that Little Steven is willing to offer other musicians who ask advice.  Check out this cool exchange he had with Another Brother Band on Twitter.

3. No One Wants To Mess With Silvio

Little Steven as Silvio Dante on the Sopranos was casting genius.  The hair, the suits, did we mention the hair.

4. Check Out Those Arms!

If there was ever a reason not to wear sleeves on you t-shirt, Little Steven had two great ones in 1983.  Look at those arms. Very impressive.