One Liberty Observation Deck is now open

A very exciting addition to Philadelphia opened this weekend called One Liberty Observation Deck. You can now take the elevator at One Liberty Place all the way up to the top of the building – 57 floors - or more than 833 feet – to catch a spectacular view of our city and suburbs.

The company behind this attraction, Montparnasse 56, based in France, is a global tourism company that specializes in Observation Decks and has one in Paris, France, Berlin, Germany, Chicago, Illinois and now, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

One Liberty Place is the perfect location for aerial viewing. It’s in the heart of Center City at 1650 Market Street. It was once the tallest building in Pennsylvania until the Comcast Center overtook it.

I was involved with the project as the Music consultant. Mike Missinelli of our sister station The Fanatic served as Sports consultant, and Isaiah Zagar of The Magic Garden on South Street at 10th, the Art consultant.

One of the features of the Deck is music that plays in the background that is all Philadelphia based. Part of my job was to I come up with a list of songs and artists that were historic, iconic and meaningful to our town, and that’s what you’ll hear as you peruse the space.

As you enter the building, you’re directed to the second floor where tickets are processed, and lines are formed. Along the walls there are pictures of everything Philadelphia is best known for: The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Grace Kelly, Dr J, the Rocky Statue, just to name a few.

On the elevator ride to the 57th floor, your ears will pop at least once during the 75-second ride. A film shows of various scenes of our area as you begin to hear the soundtrack of the venue.

Once upstairs, you are surrounded by floor to ceiling windows looking out to the world below. The views alone are worth the price of admission but there is so much more to do. Kiosks positioned around the Deck provide interactive videos that pinpoint various hot spots in the city. Click on a spot, and a short description of it appears. By touching the screen you can zoom in or move the picture to see the entire area we live in.

Be sure to check out one of the kiosks that has a photo of the stage that The Who set up at JFK Stadium back in 1982. I took that picture! I am so excited that it found a great place for all to see.

It's Viewtiful up here.  A must see.

~ Cyndy Drue

One Liberty Observation Deck
One Liberty Place
1650 Market Street
57th Floor
215.561.DECK (3325)
Open 10 am – 10 pm daily
$19 adults $14 children (age 4-11)
Other various priced packages available

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