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Neil Patrick Harris Interested In Playing The Riddler In 'Batman' Trilogy

Can we just say how legend..... wait for it... dary this would be?!?!

The fun part about Neil Patrick Harris is that he can do almost anything. He proved this when he dressed up as The Riddler for Halloween one year with his family, and it made for a very compelling case.

Well - he was questioned on Twitter if he'd be open to portraying The Riddler in the Ben Affleck Batman installments, if given a chance.

His response?

NPH makes a call out to Gone Girl when Ben, ahem, showed us a little more than we thought we'd be seeing. But we think that his zainy behavior would be a perfect match to take up the mantle of The Riddler. Especially if it's anything like Jim Carrey's version.

And could just as easily pull off the suaveness of the psychopathic possible-Riddler from Gotham, played by Corey Michael Smith.

Pleaaaseeee, DC Comics?! PLEASE?!?!


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