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Alex Lifeson Reflects On Rush’s ‘Fly By Night,’ ‘Caress Of Steel’

While astute Rush fans have pointed out that this year's R40 Tour actually came 41 years after the Canadian trio's first album, 2015 did mark the 40-year anniversary of the group's most prolific year.

Rush released two albums during 1975 -- Fly By Night in February and Caress of Steel just seven months later. That certainly doesn't happen anymore (2012's Clockwork Angels was Rush's first set of new material in five years), but guitarist Alex Lifeson tells us that was not an unusual amount of productivity for the time:

Alex Lifeson Reflects On Rush’s ‘Fly By Night,’ ‘Caress Of Steel’

"Well, it was kinda like that back then. Our record deal was bad. We had a five-record deal in four years or something, and that's just the way it was. So 'Fly By Night,' yeah, we recorded that in about a week or something, and then 'Caress of Steel' we spent a few weeks doing that and then toured the rest of the time and that was just the way the process worked. That's what was expect, and that's how you did it."


Fly By Night ultimately went platinum in both the U.S. and Canada, while Caress of Steel is gold in both markets.

Rush released R40 Live from the tour last month and is currently on hiatus, amidst some uncertainty about whether drummer Neil Peart has decided to retire or not.