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Random Things That Might Have Been in Springsteen's House

Remember when we learned that the house Bruce Springsteen wrote 'Born To Run' in was for sale a few months back? We've been thinking about what The Boss might have had inside the house....

After the success of 'Born To Run', Springsteen treated himself to a 1960 Corvette. Since he has an affection for vintage Corvette's, we think this pool table would be an awesome addition to the house.
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There were probably a few copies of the Springsteen fanzine 'Jungleland' in the mailbox.
Jungleland (Bruce Springsteen Zine)


One of the many items that Bruce collected were motel keys from the 70's. He'd need a place to store his key collection.


We're thinking his closet might be full of denim...


This framed photo would probably be hanging up somewhere.

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We know there's an American flag hanging outside the house... literally. You can even see it in the photo of the real estate listing. The house is still apparently up for sale if you're in the market to buy in Long Branch, NJ.