The White House / Handout / Getty Images

The Presidents Day Playlist

In honor of Presidents Day, we've thought of classic rock songs that might be good theme songs for some of our nations' leaders.

George Washington - 'Revolution' - The Beatles


James Madison - 'Burning Down The House' . The White House caught on fire during his term.


Martin Van (Halen) Buren - 'Jump!' - Van Halen 


William Henry Harrison - 'A Fool in the Rain' - Led Zeppelin. Contracted pneumonia 30 days after delivering his acceptance speech in the pouring rain.


Abraham Lincoln - 'Rockin' in the Free World' - Neil Young


Ulysses S. Grant - 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer' - George Thorogood . Ulysses was known to be quite the drinker.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 'I Love Rock N Roll' -  Joan Jett . FDR is on the dime you put in the jukebox baby.


Warren Harding - 'You Better Bet' - The Who . Harding once lost an entire set of White House China a poker game. He was quite the bettor/gambler.


JFK - 'Space Oddity' - David Bowie


Richard Nixon - China Girl 


Gerald Ford - 'Free Fallin' - Tom Petty . Chevy Chases' SNL pratfalls while depicting Gerald Ford were must see TV.


Ronald Reagan - 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' - Bon Jovi . President Reagan was in plenty of cowboy movies before winning the presidency.


Bill Clinton - 'Have A Cigar' - Pink Floyd 


President Obama - 'Gimme Shelter' - Rolling Stones . This was a song on President Obama's Spotify playlist.