Debbi Calton's Take On The In Memoriam Segment at The Grammy's

Debbi Calton here. When I was at the Grammy's four years ago, Whitney Houston died the day before the main event and it was incredible how the Grammy producers pulled together a tribute that would air live just 24 hours later.

Tonight's IN MEMORIAM segment in the telecast will be rather lengthy as we've lost a number of musicians this past year.

Among the tributes: Lady Gaga honoring the legacy of David Bowie and The Eagles saluting one of their core and founding members, Glenn Frey. Fittingly, Jackson Browne has been tapped to perform with the remaining bandmates (that will include another founding member Bernie Leadon).

In the early 70's, Jackson and Glenn were friends and neighbors. Jackson was writing "Take it Easy" and hoping to release it on his first album. But he got stuck with the lyrics so he played it for his pal Glenn who immediately added the lines "it's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowin' down to take a look at me."

Jackson told Glenn to go ahead and do the song and "Take it Easy" became the 1st hit for Glenn's new band THE EAGLES and endeared them to a whole generation that still loves them.  (Jackson later included it on his "For Everyman" album).

There were be lots of emotions swirling on that Grammy stage this evening. Glenn Frey is certainly missed.