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Seriously...Graham Nash Is Really Done With CSNY

Graham Nash is not kidding around about being done with Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young).

We caught up with him on Monday (May 7) after news broke about his comments to the Dutch magazine Lust For Life, saying that he had fallen out with David Crosby and that the group may be done for good. Nash told us:

"In my world there will never be a CSNY record and there will never be another CSN record or show...Right now I don't want anything to do with Crosby at all. It's just that simple...Right now the truth is I'm totally immersed and me and David and Stephen and Neil's music, I'm done. I've had 10 years of it. Leave me the f*** alone. I need to concentrate on me."


Nash declined to say what specifically Crosby had done to raise his ire, though he Told Lust For Life that "I don't like David Crosby right now. He's been awful for me the last two years, just f*cking awful. I've been there and saved his f*cking ass for 45 years, and he treated me like sh*t. You can't do that to me. You can do it for a day or so, until I think you're going to come round. When it goes on longer, and I keep getting nasty emails from him, I'm done. F*ck you. David has ripped the heart of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young."

Nash is gearing up for the April 15 release of This Path Tonight, his first new studio album in 15 years, and will be touring to support it throughout the year.


Gary Graff is an award-winning music journalist who not only covers music but has written books on Bob Seger, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.