Kenn Kweder Movie Premieres

If anyone in the Philly music scene deserves a film made about him it's Kenn Kweder, the musician who has entertained countless people over the past four decades in his dozen or so groups.

Congratulations to Temple U film grad John Hutelmyer and his team including Rob Nicoliades on the completion of  “Adventures of a Secret Kid – The Mass Hallucination of Kenn Kweder” that premiered in Philly on Good Friday, March 25, 2016 for two screenings only at the International House in University City.

The first thing you see on the screen is the word Philadelphia. There are tons of great shots of the city – everything from the iconic Art Museum Steps, to intersections in South Philly, to an amazing aerial view of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Most of the scenes show the grit of the city where Kweder spends most of his time. He’s seen in the nightclubs, bars, coffee shops and streets where he has played.

The best part of this experience is we get to see and learn about Kenn Kweder in a quiet, comfortable setting – a movie theater – rather than the usual places we’d have to endure - a loud, crowded, smoky bar where most of the audience is flailing about in a drunken stupor!

What emerges is what we who already know Kweder can attest – he’s an enormously entertaining character. He’s a deep thinker, extremely articulate, and simply put, hilarious.

This was a total DIY project made possible by the hard work of John Hutelmyer, a Temple film grad, Rob Nicolaides, the Co-Director and Producer and hundreds of supporters most of whom are friends of Kenn’s who donated $25 and up through the fundraising website Indiegogo. A total of $25,000 was raised and that went mostly toward equipment according to an article by Fern Brodkin.

The filmmaker is planning to get it into film festivals and eventually release it on DVD.

John Hutelmyer, Director of the Kenn Kweder movie with the poster for the film
John Hutelmyer, Director of the Kenn Kweder movie with the poster for the film. Photo by Cyndy Drue 3-25-16