May 17, 1975: John Lennon in Philly

It's rare to hear about John Lennon in the City of Brotherly Love as he's usually affiliated with NYC, but on this day in 1975, he was right here in Philadelphia.

Beatles fanatic Andre Gardner provides us with further details as to why Lennon was in Philly:

So in a nutshell, John Lennon DID come to Philly May 16-18, 1975 to help WFIL, the local top 40 station, raise money for local charities.  Thanks in part to Larry Kane, John came down and spent three days here, staying at the now-long-gone Marriott Hotel on City Line Ave, right across the street from the old WFIL building. He went on the radio station many times over the weekend, taking pledges, reading pledges on the air and joking with the DJ, Banana Joe, during his show. Before and after his on air stints, John would hang outside the station and meet fans. There are a lot of pictures bandying about from outside FIL that weekend and one of my favorites is, John taking a selfie with a fan named Beverly!

Since WFIL also had the TV Channel 6, John busted in to Larry Kane's Action News newscast and did the weather one night! It was hilarious!

Watch a clip of John Lennon giving the weather below from the DVD that accompanies the book, Lennon Revealed by Larry Kane. Ironically, Andre is the one interviewing Larry in this particular clip:

John Lennon - Weather report (1975)

John Lennon and Larry Kane in 1975, when John dropped in to do the weather forecast.

Now let's rewind back to 1972. Prior to his 1975 appearance at WFIl, Lennon was here with Yoko Ono as an acting co-host on the Mike Douglas show, which was a syndicated talk/variety show based at KYW (Philadelphia) . Andre Gardner's dad worked at KYW, and at the Douglas show at the time when Lennon and Ono made their appearance. Andre would have met John and Yoko while they were at KYW but he came down with flu and his mother prohibited from going on set.  She was worried that he would get everyone, including John and Yoko, sick.