10 Reasons to Attend MGK's Big Gig

Joe Walsh, Bad Company, and The Tommy Froelich Trio will be rockin' at the BB&T on Sunday at MGK's Big Gig. In case you needed a reason to join us at the show, we've got not only one, but several of them.

1. LSD 
No, we will not be dispensing illegal drugs at this concert. We mean Bad Company possibly covering The Beatles'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Bad Company - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, MidFlorida Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL 5/28/2016

I didn't know when I posted this, it was dedicated to Lucy Piller who runs AllRightNow.com for her birthday. Happy birthday! Shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19.


2. Ringo Might Appear 
Speaking of The Beatles, Ringo Starr does have a show in the area on the same night. We know the chances are slim, but it would be pretty sweet if he jammed with his brother-in-law.

Ringo Starr


3. Rich Robinson
The Black Crowes guitarist is sitting in for Mick Ralphs. It's not everyday you get to see the Bad Company & Black Crowes combo. In fact, this might be the only time.

Black Crowes


4. We Can't Get Enough
The MGK air staff can't get enough of hanging with the greatest listeners in the world. Look for them at the MGK broadcast tent in the Walt Whitman indoor lobby. They'll be roaming the concourse and lawn throughout the event.

All Jocks


5. Tommy Froelich Trio 
The finest band in the land, our MGK House Band will rock the BB&T Pavilion in their farewell performance as MGK House Band. Tommy will be extra psyched because his new CD is coming out soon.



6. Joe Walsh Paying Tribute to Glenn Frey
Walsh has been paying tribute to fallen Eagle Glenn Frey while on the tour with 'Take it to the Limit.' This is something we might also see at the show.

JOE WALSH - Take It to the Limit (Glenn Frey dedication) LIVE 05262016 @ New Orleans Louisiana USA 5

Joe Walsh and Bad Company co-headline live at (The Saints) Champions Square (adjacent to the Superdome) outdoor venue May 26, 2016 on their 'One Hell of A Night' tour. As a tribute to the founding member of the Eagles, the late Glenn Fry (Jan 18 2016), Joe Walsh and his band perform an Eagles release, "Take It to the Limit."


7. It Will Be Flipping Awesome 
Literally. The Sixers Phlight Team are scheduled to perform flips and tricks on the concourse in between acts.

Sixers Phlight Squad on Twitter

Kickin' it at Phlight Squad practice. (@DudePerfect - how we look fam?) [ Full " http://bit.ly/1VAgjmc ]pic.twitter.com/RIvgCSVuSd


8. Unreleased Music  
Joe Walsh & Paul Rodgers have unreleased basement tapes. We can only dream of what these might sound like, so maybe we'll hear it on Sunday.

Joe Walsh


9. First Classic Rock Concert of the Summer  
What's a better way to kick-off summer concert season than MGK's Big Gig?!



10. It's gonna be one hell of a night!