Rock's Top Hotel Room Trashers - Happy B-day Keith Moon

In honor of the birthday (8/23) of the late Who drummer , Keith Moon, MGK reveals it's list of classic rock's most infamous hotel room trashers & some of their craziest exploits.  Here's who made our list:  The Who/Keith Moon, Billy Idol, Zeppelin, The Stones, The Faces, Aerosmith & Johnny Depp. 

Keith is probably the rock star most associated with hotel room destruction.  While celebrating his 21st birthday at The Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan Moon participated in one of the most storied acts of hotel dauchery in history.  The party started out with The Who and scores of groupies partying in various forms of undress at the hotel pool.  Soon thereafter  toilets were being blown up.  Then a a birthday cake for Moon was wheeled out, a food fight insued and then partygoers began emptying fire extinguishers and breaking furniture.  Whe the police arrived Moon stripped down to his underwear, ran into the parking lot, jumped into an unlocked car and drove it into the hotel swimming pool.  Upon exiting the vehicle he starting running away again, slipped on some cake and broken his front tooth.   Moon was also the creator of nailing hotel room furniture to the ceiling.

Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Stones were the forefathers of hotel destruction.  They partied so hard when staying at The Hyatt House, the hotel became nicknamed 'The Riot House' (it's immortalized in the film Almost Famous).  John Bonham once road a motorcylce through the building's hallway.  There have also been many rumors and stories about wild encounters the band had with groupies while in Seattle. Once, when  their manager Peter Grant was  checking  the band out of the their hotel and paying for their damages, a member of the hotel staff mentioned that he wondered what it felt like to toss a TV out of a hotel room window.  "Here," said Grant, handing over a stack of cash, "have one on me."

After a messy divorce with wife Perri Lister, Idol is reported to have flown to Bangok where he is rumored to have caused $20,000 in damages to the hotel he stayed at.  Things got so bad when the hotel tried to evict him that the national army were called.  They had to remove Idol from the hotel by shooting him with tranquilizers, carrying him out on a stretcher and flying him out of the country.

The Stones were so well known for destroying hotel rooms, when asked if he had any tips for fellow rockers he uttered. 'Be considerate of other hotel guests - trash your room by 10pm.'  While staying at the notorious Hyatt House Keith Richards and saxophonist Bobby Keyes tossed a TV off their balcony onto the parking lot.  The Stones were the band that popularized TV throwing.

During his appearance on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, Rod Stewart revealed that The Faces were so notorious for trashing hotel rooms that they were banned from all Holiday Inns in Detroit.  They began registering as Fleetwood Mac when they checked into hotels across the nation.  The Faces' Ian McLagan once wrote, 'It was not possible, to walk into the identical room in 20 different cities without wanting to hurt it, just a little'.

Aerosmith spent a decade trashing hotel rooms.  Rumor has it that they brought their own chainsaws to chop up hotel room furniture. They also revealed in bringing their own extension cords to hotels to create extra sparks when the TVs hit the pool that they were throwing them into.

Johnny Depp is now considered a rocker or part-time rocker because of his membership in The Hollywood Vampires (With Alice Cooper and Joe Perry).  During an argument with then-girlfriend Kate Moss, he caused $10,000 damage to the couple's New York hotel room.  When police questioned him about the damage, an armadillo emerged from a closet in the room and Depp blamed it all on the frightened animal.