(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Happy Birthday Rush's Alex Lifeson

Although Rush won't be touring any more, they've left us with a treasure trove of phenomenal prog rock.  Today (8/27) is Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson's birthday. In honor of the birth of one of rock's finest guitarist's we are sharing this cool interview he did with Guitar World a few years back in which he dissects 11 Rush classics.  We're sure any prog-freak will love this. 

Alex Lifeson Dissects 11 Key Rush Songs, from "Anthem" to "Test For Echo"

Here's one from the Guitar World archive. In 2008, Guitar World asked Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson to dissect several key songs from the band's past. Starting with "Fly By Night" (1975) and ending with "Test for Echo" (1996), he discussed his guitars, amps and effects. Here's how it went.