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Remembering Keith Moon

The great Keith Moon passed away 38 years ago today (September 7.)  Instead of mourning his loss, we'd much rather celebrate the brilliant drummer's life.  Here's a collection of videos of Keith doing what he did best...and one hilarious anecdote from good friend Alice Cooper.

The Best of Keith Moon - The Who

The Best of Keith Moon - The Who This is my tribute to the best drummer in the world, no doubt, KEITH MOON ENJOY!

Keith Moon Drum Solo

The Who Live at Kilborn. This is also Keith Moon's last concert! Rate 5 stars and subscribe for more!

Keith Moon´s drum kit explodes

The who playing my generation and ending with their classic instrument smashing

Behind the Scenes with Alice Cooper - Keith Moon

Alice Cooper regales about drummer from The Who, Keith Moon, in this behind the scenes exclusive video. Check out for more, and the chance to win your own Alice Cooper signed Fretlight guitar. Fretlight Guitars are premium guitars with the world's only built-in LED learning system, enabling players to learn up to 10 times faster.