Favorite Tweets from Little Steven Twitter Takeover

Prior to soundcheck for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band's Wednesday & Friday (9/7 + 9/9) concerts at Citizen's Bank Park, E Street Band guitarist, Little Steven Van Zandt, took over WMGK's Twitter account to answer listener questions.  Instead of answering questions for the 20 minutes that we asked him to, he answered them for over an hour.  On Wednesday night, he even returned to Twitter after soundcheck.  Here were our favorite Tweets that showcase his wit, humor and intelligence.

Little Steven announces his entrance into the Twitterverse


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Stevie here! Taking over the WMGK Twitterverse! Right now!




Here's his answer to a question about which NJ club is his favorite....


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

There was the Upstage Club for teenagers before we got into the bar wars. Open 8:00 to 5:00 in the morning. https://t.co/8cGcbvSDjF





This is what he likes about being a DJ


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Turning people on to new Rock and Roll (over 700 new bands in 14 years) and keeping all my heroes' music alive. https://t.co/Smg2E4KbHW





What was his biggest revelation about becoming a DJ?


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

That nobody thought playing all 60 years of Rock and it's influences would work. Everybody wanted a tighter format. https://t.co/6LlKzWpilj



Someone asked him if Silvio Dante (his character on The Sopranos) would enjoy Twitter


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Sil don't tweet. https://t.co/LYV2IyhMRT



One listener asked if Philly deserved to hear the song 'Thundercack'.  See Steven's answer.  Did he lobby to have this tune inserted into the set on Wednesday night after getting this tweet?


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Yes. https://t.co/jILIyJ3wUh




When a fan asked if the fans should expect some surprises, here's how he responded.....


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

There will be surprises. For you AND me. https://t.co/eE4a48nWqh



When asked about what he remembered from his first tour with Bruce.....


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

It wasn't exactly a tour yet. Bruce had booked 7 shows and asked me to play guitar while he tried fronting the band. https://t.co/F8DJM0nQWc

This is what he likes about producing records


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

I love Producing. And Arranging. It's all part of the creative process that includes Composition for me. https://t.co/eRl9K0MrqE


Here's his response to 'when did you realize you wanted to act'?


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

I didn't. David Chase decided I was an actor before I realized it. I've worked hard ever since to justify his faith. https://t.co/WR16GUw4Ec


These are Steven's favorite bands and new releases of the year


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Rival Sons. The Struts. Soraia. And great new singles from legends Zombies, Cheap Trick, Santana, and Jeff Beck! https://t.co/8XTc194ENY


Steven was asked what his favorite pre-'Born To Run' songs from Bruce's catalog


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Fever. Little Girl So Fine. Lost In The Flood. NYC Serenade. Lots of good ones. https://t.co/W7wg5ZKJkS


When he was asked who HE thinks is cool, here's how he responded....


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Dean Martin. James Coburn. Lee Marvin. https://t.co/kNgjpeLTcp


Here's how he answered, 'what's your favorite book'


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Close call. Fiction-either Last Temptation or Zorba by Nikos Kazantzakis. Bio-Dino or Hellfire both by Nick Tosches. https://t.co/O7dMcXeExD


A fan asked about the emotional solo that Jake Clemons played and if the band felt Jake's emotion


Bob Fanucci on Twitter

@WMGK Thank you



Here's his answer to 'what do you do each day to be able to stay step for step with The Boss?'


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Pray a lot. Kidding. Luckily I don't have to. He does most of the running around. https://t.co/7mjikRwq4r



Here's his favorte Springsteen song that he hasn't played live


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

Party Lights. https://t.co/oxPYCqDqDj



If he could travel in time and space when and where would he go?


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

As an invisible observer-the Havana Conference of 1946. As a participant-a writer at the Brill Building early '60s. https://t.co/LW1qTw85Iv


Are there any songs you don't practice that a fan requests and you think, I forget how to play that!


102.9 WMGK on Twitter

About every other request or so. https://t.co/RLpSB4bZjb



The sound was so clear on Wednesday night. Using new sound technology?


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