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Roger Waters plays Wells Fargo Center on August 8 and August 9, 2017.  Tickets are on sale now and going fast at

Enjoy the Us + Them Tour Trailer

Roger Waters - US + THEM

Roger Waters will return to North America in 2017 with a pioneering new tour, Us + Them, featuring classic Pink Floyd, some new songs and solo work. For more tour information, visit




Here's what the press was saying about Roger's awesome recent performances at Desert Trip 1 and 2.


Waters uses the grand stage afforded him to create a sense of shock and awe for concert audiences, a reminder that the experience of live music can provide more than flashy costumes changes, hyperkinetic choreography and blinding pyrotechnics. – Los Angeles Times

"He has a rare ability to make slow songs majestic rather than tedious; his rock dirges can open like chasms underfoot, accompanied onstage (as they have been through the years) by up-to-the-minute video technology." – The New York Times


"Lest you think it was all politics, rest assured that Waters still played the hits: Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals were represented generously, and he played The Wall's enduring favorites, too. Plus, Waters brought so much spectacle -- fireworks, the smoke stacks that emerged from behind the stage mid-show and Gerard Scarfe's captivating animated visuals -- that he put every other Desert Trip performer's stage show to shame. But during Waters' set, Desert Trip felt like 2016 -- instead of a comforting time warp -- for the first time all weekend." – Billboard


"Waters had arrestingly artful visuals and possibly the most incredible sound system you’ve heard at an outdoor — or indoor — concert. It made a fest-goer want try this audio system at home."
– Minneapolis Star Tribune