OTD - Steve Perry's First Journey Gig

On this day, October 28, in 1977 Steve Perry joined Journey for the first time on stage.  This launched Journey into their most successful period as band ('77 to '87).  Here's video of some of his earliest performances with the band and the story on how he became part of the band in the first place. 

The Odd Way Perry Joined The Band
Journey's manager Walter "Herbie" Herbert was familiar with Steve via a demo tape he hard of Steve singing with his band Alien Project.  A producer friend of Herbert told him that he thought Perry would be a better fit for Journey than their current singer, Robert Fleischman.  Herbert decided to put Perry on tour with Journey and listed him as roadie "John Villanueva's Portuguese cousin".  One night while Journey was on tour, Herbert had Steve Perry jump on stage with the band during soundcheck while Fleischman was in another part of the venue.  Herbert liked what her heard and told Journey he wanted to make Perry their new singer.

Band and Fan Reaction
The band and their fans weren't thrilled at first but Perry's voice and style soon won them over.  His influence can be heard on the Infinity album, especially the song 'Lights' which Perry wrote.  The more radio spins and press coverage the band received, the more they became comfortable with their new singer.

Perry brought a radically new, more pop-influenced style sense to the band's music, despite some grumblings from his new bandmates and fans of Journey's former progressive rock sound. He made his public debut on October 28, 1977 in San Francisco to a mixed reception. Perry eventually won over new fans on his first album with the group, Infinity, which included a song he wrote called "Lights." The band's style had changed dramatically, but as Journey began to garner radio airplay and media buzz over Infinity, Perry's arrival was fully accepted.



Check out one of Perry's earliest live performances with Journey.  Here's  'Wheel In The Sky' from 1978

Midnight Special STEVE PERRY Journey 1978 # 1 -Wheel In The Sky

Midnight Special STEVE PERRY Journey 1978 # 1 Wheel in the Sky . Ross Introducing JOURNEY FYI - This performance on nationwide tv was approximately 4 months after Steve joined the band and a little over one month after their Infinity album was released.



Steve Perry w/ Eels in 2014
Steve Perry emerged from over a decade of seclusion to sing on stage with the band Eels in St Paul Minnesota.


EELS w/ Journey lead singer Steve Perry in St Paul [FULL, HIGH QUALITY]

Surprise first performance since 1995, at Eels concert during 2nd encore - Steve Perry from Journey ~ http://PaulFrankMedia.com ~ Filmed by Paul Frank on a Nokia Lumia 810 ~ Change the quality to HD for much better looking video ~ Sunday, May 25th, 2014 ~ Fitzgerald Theater - St.