45th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV

Tomorrow, November 8, marks the 45th anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV.  John DeBella will do a tribute to this landmark album at 8:10a.  Here's some fun info about the album. 

Check out this "Stairway to Heaven" mash-up that features various artists who have covered the song over the last 4 decades - from the obscure to the absurd.

Forty years ago today, on November 8th, 1971, Led Zeppelin released their fourth album, which has come to be known as Led Zeppelin Four. Untitled, the cover features an old man hunched over with sticks strapped to his back.

Why isn't the band's name on the record?
"There was a lot of pressure to have the name of the band on it," says Jimmy Page.  They did it on purpose because "there was such a negative flow going against us from press, it was just totally uncalled for."   Page added, "The other thing was, we were gonna start our tour and the album was gonna come out later. And that was considered to be professional suicide. Of course it wasn't because the actual music was bigger than anything else."

John Paul Jones says it "really annoyed a lot of people. Retailers were scrawling the name on the record." It's also referred to as Four Symbols for the four symbols associated with the four band members.

Why is the song called "Black Dog"?
Robert Plant explains...."During the making of Zep Four and Physical Graffiti we stayed at a place called Headley Grange. It was an old work house, it was supposed to be haunted and this that and the other, but in fact it was just a tired house and needed some love. And with the tired house and the tired furniture and the peace and the ability to work came one old black dog, who I think was quite deaf, but insisted on following me everywhere I went. It's so simple isn't it really -- it's got nothing to do with a woman moving."