Genesis Reunion Tour In The Air Tonight?

Various media outlets are citing strong rumors that a Genesis album and reunion tour are likely in 2017.  No official band sources or band member sources have confirmed anything of the sort. Here's what's being said....
Rumors are circulating that members of Genesis are working i the recording studio and may have as many as 8 tracks recorded.  Additionally, there are rumors circulating that the band will reunite and tour in 2017.

These rumors have likely started as a result of Phil Collins slow and steady un-retirement from music.  A few years ago, Collins announced that he was done performing music live.  He has since made multiple live appearances - playing the US Open, performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and most recently announcing a string of European tour dates.  No US tour dates have been announced.

Collins also has a new autobiography out. Recently he spoke with John DeBella about the stories in the book, including how one of them angered Paul McCartney.