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‘Rush: Time Stand Still’ Out Now

Coming out today (November 18) is the home video version of the new documentary Rush: Time Stand Still.

Directed by Dave Heslip and narrated by actor and Rush fan Paul Rudd, the film goes behind the scenes of the group’s 2015 R40 40th anniversary tour to examine the Canadian trio's history, its' relationship with its devoted fan base and what goes into putting on Rush's clever and intricate stage shows.

Last fall the group released an "R40" live album and video from the tour, and guitarist Alex Lifeson tells us that the show, with a set list performed in reverse chronological order, was a good one to capture for posterity:

"It's funny. It's hard to look at it over the long course. You're so caught up and focused on what's current. It was nice to play some of the older material we haven't revisited in a long time, like 'Cygnus,' 'Hemispheres' stuff, 'Xanadu.' 'Jacob's Ladder, of course, was a big hit with, especially with a lot of our older fans. So it kinda gave you a little perspective, and I have to say by the end of it it felt way, way too short. It seemed to have just flown by. I don't know if I felt like I was really ready for it to be over."


Rush, meanwhile, is rumored to be over in some shape for form. The R40 Tour was widely regarded as a farewell trek -- even press materials accompanying the "Time Stand Still" video note that it was "possibly their last" tour -- though the group hasn't ruled out the possibility of recording together again.


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