Drummer Battle: Alex Van Halen vs. Bill Ward

Two iconic hard rock bands.  Two iconic drummers.  This drummer battle is going to be tough.

Van Halen just wouldn’t be Van Halen without Alex (and we don’t just mean because of the last name.)  He often gets overlooked in the band thanks to Eddie Van Halen, but Alex’s playing, especially on those David Lee Roth albums, is nothing short of incendiary.

Bill Ward might get most of his attention nowadays from feuding with his former bandmates, but like AVH, Black Sabbath just wouldn’t be the same without him.  He brought just as much doom to Sabbath’s sound as guitarist Tony Iommi.

But which one is best?

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Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter. The first man she ever loved was Jack Daniels.  True story.