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If You Shop Online At Amazon, You NEED To Read This

In the midst of your seemingly carefree, online holiday shopping, you now have something to potentially worry about while ordering items on Amazon.

According to WSB-TV, scammers are targeting people who have recently purchased an item on the online shopping website.

Much like an order confirmation email that hits your inbox from Amazon, the scammer sends an email to you that looks as though it's actually from Amazon -- which is obviously concerning.

However, unlike the order confirmation email, the email says there is a problem with your order, and it cannot be fulfilled by Amazon. Then, the email asks you to click on a link included in the email, to provide additional information.

Once redirected, you land on a page that looks just like the real Amazon website, and the page asks for the customer to confirm their user information, such as your name, address, and credit card information.

After you hit "send" you are then redirected to the Amazon.com website, and a scammer now has all of your personal information.

Pretty scary, right?

To avoid finding yourself in this sort of predicament, if you are curious as to the status of your order on Amazon.com, you can simply login to your account and check your order status without ever having to click on a link inside an email.

Problem solved.



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