Jimi & Floyd Play Most Psychedelic Xmas Concert Ever

On this day, December 22, 1967, in our opinion, one of the greatest psychedelic Christmas Concerts (in name only) ever took place in London. Billed as 'Christmas On Earth Continued', it feautred Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Traffic (not on the bill but they filled in for The Who when they dropped out).

The gig ended up being Syd Barrett's last 'major show' with Pink Floyd. While the concert was a financial disaster for the organizers, due to poor publicity and bad weather, the night featured some off the wall psychedelic performances, most notably Floyd's inspiring light show, Traffic's unique sound & Jimi Hendrix's persona, artistry and showmanship.

Speaking of Barrett, it's been said that he took a considerable amount of pills and drugs prior to his performance and as a result ended the band's set lying nearly motionless on stage.

Get a taste of what Jimi delivered on 12/22/67. There's some cool backstage footage, a fun cover of 'Sgt Pepper's (about 4 minutes in) and then 'Foxy Lady'.

Jimi Hendrix 67.09.04 - Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm

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Psychedelic 'Mr. Fantasy' from Traffic

Traffic - Christmas on Earth Continued, 22-12-1967

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